Digital Thermostat Power Temperature Control Unit

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Made for a wide variety of uses, features heating and cooling modes with adjustable set point and differential

The Kegco RTC-2 digital thermostat power control unit has been specifically designed to handle a higher amperage than standard units

Remote sensor allows you to monitor and regulate internal appliance temperature

Many different control settings displayed on easy to read LCD display

Convert any freezer into a keezer kegerator or a fermentation chamber using pre-wired cords

Introducing Kegco's new and improved RTC-2 Digital Thermostat Power Control! This device makes it possible to convert any freezer into a kegerator or fermentation chamber by overriding an appliance's thermostat, regulating the amount of energy getting to the appliance and allowing you precise control over the temperature settings and the amount of temperature fluctuation between cycles. This brand-new Kegco Digital Thermostat Power Control Unit has been specially designed to handle a higher amperage and features a setpoint range of -40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses such as controlling the power to a freezer or a terrarium.

RTC-2 Diagram

For easy installation, the Kegco RTC-2 utilizes pre-wired cords with a plug that installs into your electrical socket and a receptacle for you to plug your appliance into. The clear LCD display makes it easy to monitor set temperature, real temperature, and other control functions, and a temperature alarm can be set to alert you if the appliance is too far outside the operating range you have entered. This versatile thermostat control unit features both heating and cooling modes with adjustable setpoint and differential, and a waterproof remote temperature probe makes it possible to monitor the temperature inside the appliance while the display is mounted on the outside, allowing you to make adjustments without having to open and close the door of the appliance. For added convenience, adhesive tape is provided for mounting the display panel to the exterior of the appliance, and a suction cup on the sensor wire allows you to precisely place it inside the appliance and out of the way of its contents.

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